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Adress of Ivan Malafeev, President of the Foundation

111 Despite obvious scientific and technical progress, and, partly, thanks to it, the mankind faces today new serious challenges — social, humanitarian, ecological. Social stratification proceeds; the quantity of very poor people does not decrease; during the natural and technogenic accidents which number constantly grows, people cannot receive the effective help. All it threatens with unpredictable and very dangerous consequences for our world.

It became abundantly clear that the national governments and the state associations are not in a condition to solve arising global problems. First of all heads of the states think of their national interests, means and forces for «our common house» are being allocated a little, and it is not visible signs that the situation will change radically.

The conclusion arises: absolutely new mechanism is necessary for the providing the help for the people in crisis situations.
And the effective use of huge potential of public organizations which is not really opened today can become such mechanism.
Such organizations, having united and coordinating their activities, can involve considerable means for the decision of social and environmental problems. With that aim I and my adherents initiated creation of two unique organizations: the World Foundation for Social Development and the World Humanitarian Union about which you can learn more details in this site.

It is extraordinary important to change the attitude to Charity, to make it an initial need of each person, a style of human life. Then it will be possible to increase in times material potential of the humanitarian help to requiring people on our planet.

We know how to solve this most complicated problem.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of welfare foundations which count basically on the state grants or donations of the large private companies, we possess the unique tool for the organization of really mass charity, and not only in separately taken countries, but practically worldwide. It is a question of the patented innovative mechanism of World Charitable Actions MERCIFUL HEART which we intend to spend to the period with 2010 for 2038 and about which the information in corresponding pages of our site is presented.

I firmly convinced that this scale project, having no analogues will be realized, and is proud of that it is starting in Russia — the country always taking a special place in development of a human civilization.


About the Activity of the Charitable Fund “World Foundation for social development and ecological security of humanity”
(expert-analytical opinion letter)


State Duma
of Russian Federation Federal Assembly
of the fifth convocation


On theprojekt "World charitable actions "MERCIFUL HEART", the international charitable pablic fund of social safety of mankind"